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The Circassian Circle (on right) Scottish Tune Scotland the Brave Scottish Tune Come By the Hills Scottish Tune Captain White Scottish Tune

Summon the winds


Membership to the Society is open to all persons bearing the name of, however spelled:

Cunningham/e - Cunnyngham/e - Cunyingham/e - Cunigham/e - Cunungsby - Cunninggim - Cuningham/e - Cunygan - Conyngham/e - MacCuinneagain - MacCunnegan - "K" in place of "C" - "Ki" in place of "Cu"

or descended from Cunningham, by birth, marriage, lineage, or adoption. Membership is also open to persons descended from any of the associated family names on the SEPTS page from the District of Cunninghame in Scotland, as well as to any and all loyal supporters of the honourable Clan Cunningham Glencairn legacy.

Annual membership to the Clan Cunningham Society includes the individual member, their spouse and all dependent children under the age of 18 living at home.

$25.00 for 1 year.
$48.50 for 2 years.
$70.00 for 3 years.

Lifetime memberships are also available. These include all the benefits of membership including our quarterly newsletter to the principal member for life while allowing a member to show their long-term support of Clan Cunningham and our mission to promote our heritage, solidarity and fellowship.

$600.00 age <30.
$500.00 age 30-39.
$400.00 age 40-49.
$300.00 age 50-59.
$200.00 age 60+.

A $3.00 surcharge is added to all Paypal transactions to offset processing costs.

Join, Renew, or Purchase Book Store Merchandise Online

New membership for current year via credit card = $28.00
(all memberships include spouse and all dependent children under the age of 18 living at home.)
Renewal membership for current year via credit card = $28.00
Biannual membership for 2 years via credit card = $51.50
Triennial membership for 3 years via credit card = $73.00
Lifetime <30 membership for principal member less than 30 years of age and family via credit card = $603.00
Lifetime 30 membership for principal member in their 30s and family via credit card = $503.00
Lifetime 40 membership for principal member in their 40s and family via credit card = $403.00
Lifetime 50 membership for principal member in their 50s and family via credit card = $303.00
Lifetime 60+ membership for principal member 60 years of age and wiser and family via credit card = $203.00
District of Cunningham Poster Clan Cunningham poster for current members = $18.00
Click on the "View Cart" button to complete your membership transaction. If you are a NEW MEMBER,
don't forget to print and mail your membership application to receive your New Member Packet in the mail.

New members who join before July 16 will receive our January 15 and April 15 newsletter in the mail after joining, and will be members for the remainder of the calendar year and receive the remaining two newsletters in July and October.

New members who join on or after July 16 will be members for the remainder of that year as well as the entire following calendar year and will receive the newsletters during that period that follow their membership application date.

As a member you will receive our quarterly newsletter, The Cunningham Communiqué, packed with original full color images accompanied by its entertaining and educational articles on heraldry, history, genealogy, current events both regional, national and international, travel, music, literature, recipes, merchandise available from the Clan Store and much, much more all with a focus on your - Cunningham specifically and Scottish in general - heritage and culture. It is distributed to all current members by the 15th of January, April, July and October of each year. Please send any membership questions to .

Give a gift membership. They're a unique gift idea!

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM (click here to view and print)

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